GEODI 5 is released!

We remain fully committed to continuously developing the GEODI. GEODI 4.0 was released at July 2016. Now, after six months, we are proud to announce GEODI 5 with many great features.

The 30 Days trial period was insufficient. We have changed the trial period from 30 consecutive days to a total 25 days. Those who have already downloaded the trial version will be upgraded automatically and will benefit from the improved terms.Following intensive demand from our users in Legal Sector, GEODI now reads and displays UDF files used in Turkish NATIONAL JUDICIARY INFORMATICS SYSTEM (UYAP)The GEODI map has a lovely new feature which dynamically shows the summaries below the map as you navigate through the map. Take a look at the public projects on for the feature.GEODI now displays the Shape files like DWG, DGN and DXF files. Taking notes and mobile view is possible for Shape files too.GEODI has now a new recognizer named “Geographical Border Recognizer”. As you know, the Recognizers are the smartest parts of the GEODI. The Geographical Border Recognizer is also very smart and calculates "the boundary" of the CAD or GIS files like Shape, DWG, DGN, NCZ, DRE or GeoTIF. So hundreds or hundreds of thousands of spatial documents are shown on the map. Query them from spatially or from the content. Geographical Border Recognizer is a smart way to build a Geographical Archive.“Map Sheet Recognizer” is also new and recognizes STP/Nato Map Sheet naming conventions and calculates the boundary. MGRS coordinates are also recognized by this.“Directed Graph View” is a new option among GEODI’s search views. “Directed Graph View” shows the relations between keywords and documents. It is a very valuable instrument for those who want to see The Big Picture. Law Professionals, Analysts, CEOs, Researchers, İntelligence Officials, Financial Advisers and many other definitely finds it useful.

Enjoy GEODI 5!

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